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Baby Play With A Purpose

Baby Play With A Purpose is a program of The Chava Shelhav Child'Space Method, which is grounded in the principals of The Feldenkrais Method. This program guides parents and caregivers using strategies for how to play with the baby while simultaneously recognizing a learning purpose, such as, when and how to encourage your baby to roll onto her side to play with a toy. Many parents and caregivers simply place them there.  Babies need to understand how to move from one place to another. It helps them orient themselves in space and provides sensory feedback from the ground as well as from their own body movement.  Parents and caregivers learn to "map" their baby's body parts in their brain so that their baby will begin to use their body parts appropriately. Through guided movement activities parents facilitate the movement of their baby and join them on their unique journey toward self-hood, skillful fine and gross motor development, socio-emotional growth, early language acquisition and joyful play. 

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