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Family Sessons

Individual Family Sessions

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Individual Family Sessions either online or in-person are a wonderful way to discuss and discover new strategies to help your baby overcome cognitive, gross and fine motor developmental difficulties specific to his or her needs. Common issues:

  • enjoying tummy time

  • lifting his or her head

  • rolling from back to belly and belly to back

  • grasping and play with toys, 

  • coming to sit, crawl, stand, and walk 

I use:

  • gentle touch techniques (and teach you to do the same)  

  • guided movement sequences that help lay the foundation for your baby's learning to occur. 

Together we can: 

  • facilitate your baby's learning 

  • help your baby make fundamental developmental discoveries  

  • foster a lifetime of competence, curiosity, and joy.

Each online session is recorded which means you have the tools and information necessary to continue facilitating your baby's learning at home.


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