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About The Feldenkrais Method®










The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais beginning in the 1950s.

Dr. Feldenkrais understood that learning a new movement is a process that happens in the brain, not in your muscles. He also understood that moving helps us to develop our sense of self. Ideally, the Feldenkrais Method helps us grow toward becoming our best selves. Early on, Dr. Feldenkrais spent time observing how babies move, learn and grow in response to their environment. He observed that all typically developing babies discover and make use of specific developmental movement patterns. They use these patterns, or ways of moving, to inform their neurological, physical, and emotional growth; making brain connections necessary to progress from one milestone to another and develop their self-image. Eventually they are fully able to stand up against gravity (literally) and walk, run, skip, and twirl into toddlerhood continuing to grow into mature, competent adult movers, thinkers. and learners.  

How to Apply The Feldenkrais Method To Your Everyday Life

As we know, this process of learning and growing is imperfect and uneven. We can always improve ourselves. We also make life choices that, depending on our environment, our heredity, our temperament, and how we adapt to changes from accidents or injuries, we can develop movement habits that result in pain and discomfort. The Feldenkrais Method can help you to relearn movement patterns and sensations you knew as an infant or older child and have forgotten how to do. The Feldenkrais Method can also help you to learn something you never knew or never discovered when you were an infant or older child.

  • The Feldenkrais Method uses two approaches.

  • A hands-on approach for individuals called Functional Integration ® (FI)®.

  • verbally-guided approach for groups called Awareness Through Movement® (ATM)®.

  • I teach FI to adults and elderly seniors and Baby Play With A Purpose Family sessions for families and their baby. 

  • I am not teaching ATM classes at the moment


Functional Integration (FI)

These sessions are held on a table (adults and babies) or the floor (baby's only). They consist of gentle non-invasive touch that enhance you and/or your baby's movement learning.

  • Adults benefit by being able to do or feel something they could not do prior to FI work. Many times parents start to feel wear and tear on their body parts from seemingly unavoidable ways of holding, carrying, and generally taking care of their baby. I can help you strategize new ways to do these things and avoid developing movement habits that will result in pain later on. 



Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Classes

  • Classes are held on the floor. Students lie on cushioned blankets.

  • During an ATM class, you will be verbally guided to move in patterns and sequences based on the developmental movement patterns Dr. Feldenkrais observed in babies. These movements teach adults to rediscover some of their early learning. Like babies, we adults continue to learn and grow in response to our environment. We are influenced by the choices we make throughout our lives. 

  • One intention for these classes is for you to gain a greater, more visceral appreciation and understanding of what your baby or grandbaby is learning and experiencing.

  • You will discover new ways to shift old habits you've learned into new habits that can help to alleviate back, hip, neck and shoulder pain.

  • Parents of infants will learn ways to avoid developing new habitual patterns that can create problems down the road. You will become more awareness of how you are standing, sitting, and supporting yourself while carrying and holding your baby, while pushing your stroller, while sleeping and or nursing. From this awareness, you will learn to make healthy choices for you and your baby.

  • You will learn ways to reduce stress and breathe more easily.

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Dr Feldenkrais working w adult on table.
FI session w Prac hand on knee and pelvi
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