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I teach Adult Group Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Classes with developmental themes. Which means during class you will be revisiting earlier movement patterns that you learned when you were a baby or a young child and for various lifestyle or general aging reasons do not use these patterns as optimally as you once did. Combinations of patterns of flexion and extension, side bending right and left and rotation right and left are the main patterns we use when we put movements together throughout our day. During class, you will be verbally guided to move slowly and gently, resting when needed in order to allow your brain to learn new patterns. The result is that you actually feel younger, more skillful, and able to more easily take on life's challenges and everyday tasks.


I also give Private Functional Integration® (FI) sessions which are developmentally based as well but are more personalized. I use gentle hands-on touch techniques (when it is safe to meet in person). Different from ATM class where you move your body yourself, I move your body and let your brain absorb and learn new patterns and sensations for you to integrate skillfully into your everyday life. This is useful if you have habitual patterns that are particularly stubborn and resist change.


  • A Hands-On Approach (Post-Covid) using gentle touch and movement
    1 hr
    80 US dollars
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