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Nancy Gayle Judson 


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With a growing interest in teaching children, after finishing my undergraduate degree in dance, I earned an MS in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I did much of my student teaching and research around the relationship between movement and learning. I studied with a movement specialist in a K-6 public school in East Harlem, created movement learning games and wrote my final thesis  "Movement In The Classroom." Afterward when I attended the 92ndStY Dance Education Laboratory we focused specifically on ways to integrate dance and movement into classroom curricula. For the next 15 years, I taught dance/movement in both public and private schools in NYC and the Hudson Valley. I focused on teaching literacy skills and developed "Story Dance Theatre" which used story and Rudolf Laban-based dance principles to help children explore and create their own movement sentences and tell their own stories.  While attending a conference in 2005, I experienced the Feldenkrais Method® and decided to deepen my understanding of how children learn to move from birth.  I entered a 4 year Feldenkrais Training Program in NYC and was immediately enthralled.  While my intention was to return to teaching children upon graduation and apply what I learned in the Feldenkrais Training, I took a 10 year detour and gave Feldenkrais lessons to adult seniors and the elderly. I discovered that the way people experience movement as infants influences how they move throughout the rest of their lives. Now, after more than 40 years of being a teacher and hands-on practitioner, I am very excited to combine all of my experience to help people, regardless of age or stage in life, to learn and grow into skillful movers. Currently I am continuing my studies with The Child'Space Method (see below) and will be certified to call myself a Child'Space Practitioner in October of 2022.


The Child'Space Method™


Currently, I am in The Child'Space Method Training Program. The Child'Space Method, grounded in the principals of The Feldenkrais Method, founded by Dr. Chava Shelhav, focuses on helping parents and caregivers of infants experience the importance of proprioceptive, hands-on touch to calm, soothe and connect with their baby as their baby learns to sense and discover themselves. Through guided movement activities parents facilitate the movement of their baby and join them on their unique and fascinating journey toward self-hood, skillful fine and gross motor development and joyful play. As I work with you and your baby I will be applying my skills as a Feldenkrais Practitioner(CM), an educator and a parent of two adult children.  Until it is safe to meet in person, sessions are 45 minutes to one hour long over Zoom where I guide parents and caregivers verbally to move their baby, share parenting tips and developmental information. Of course, after we are safe to meet in person I will be giving hands-on sessions in addition to ones on Zoom.

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ChildSpace Method
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