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Hello and welcome!
I look forward to helping you on your journey toward connecting to the deep innate movement potential of your baby and/or your adult self. Please click below and sign up for a FREE Intro. Warmly, Nancy


 Family Sessions For Parents and Babies

Mother and Baby on Floor

Family sessions (caregivers/grandparents welcome) ​online or in-person are a wonderful way to discuss and discover new strategies to help your baby achieve cognitive, gross and fine motor developmental milestones. Here are a few areas we can work on toward successful outcomes: 

  • enjoying tummy time

  • lifting his or her head with ease

  • rolling from back to belly and belly to back

  • grasping and playing with toys, 

  • sitting, crawling, standing, walking and the transitions necessary to get there

  • developing competent self-image

Group Classes for Parents and Infants

   Group Classes consists of:

  • 3-5 babies with their parents and/or caregiver. 

  • Opportunities to learn from other babies and adults

  • Guided movement sequences to support your baby's milestone transitions.

  • Opportunities for your baby's brain to develop and grow.  

  • Proprioceptive touch to map your baby's body image in their brain.

  • Experiences that lead to discovery of new possibilities and ultimately allows your baby to reach important gross and fine motor milestones.

Adult Private and Group ATM Classes

FI session w Prac hand on knee and pelvi
  • Currently, there are no adult classes being given. Check back at a later date. Thank you.

  • Private  One-To-One  Guided Movement Sessions 

Parents Recommend

Dylan and Ada Zoom sitting holding toy.j


Dylan C.

"This program has helped me as a first time parent to really understand the learning process babies go through to connect mind to movement. Being able to help my baby along to achieve these milestones has been an amazing journey"

Nyasa H.

"I do a lot of squeezing and he loves that! It's because of these sessions, he's become more aware of his body"

About Me


Nancy Gayle Judson GCFP, MS

Nancy has been in private practice since 2009 as a Feldenkrais Practitioner when she received her certification. Currently, training in The Chava Shelhav Child'Space Method, She expects to be fully certified by June 2022. She holds a Masters degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Bank Street College in NYC and and an Undergraduate degree in dance from the University of Illinois. For 15 years she was a movement specialist in schools, both public and private in NYC and the Hudson Valley, for young children.


About The Chava Shelhav

Child'Space Method

Child'Space Chava Shelhav Method

Child'Space Chava Shelhav Method

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Nancy Gayle Judson

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