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Baby Play with a purpose! Groups

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When a Baby Play with a purpose! Group takes place it may look like we are just playing but this kind of playing is with a purpose. The purpose is to give your baby clues and hints along their developmental journey in order to set your baby up for life with good movement habits. Here are a few areas that are addressed during a Baby Play with a purpose! Group.


  • ways to bring your baby onto the tummy seamlessly

  • ways to encourage rolling that will help with balance later on 

  • ways to encourage reaching for and playing with toys 

  • ways to look for signs and to teach your baby to come to sit so they can do it on their own

  • ways to move your baby and help them transition to  belly crawling, hands and knees crawling, and kneeling

  • ways to encourage upper body weight bearing,

  • ways to encourage the transition to standing, cruising, and walking 

  • ways to develop social/emotional skills, self-agency, cognition and early language acquisition

Baby Play with a purpose! Group Classes consist of:

  • 3-8 babies with their parents and/or caregiver

  • Guided movement sequences to support your baby's milestone transitions.  

  • Proprioceptive touch to map your baby's body image in their brain.

  • Experiences that lead to discovery of new possibilities and ultimately allows your baby to reach important gross and fine motor, social/emotional, cognitive and early language acquisition milestones.

  • Opportunities for your baby's brain to develop and grow

  • Opportunities to learn from other babies and adults

Parents Recommend

Dylan and Ada Zoom sitting holding toy.j


Dylan C.

"This program has helped me as a first time parent to really understand the learning process babies go through to connect mind to movement. Being able to help my baby along to achieve these milestones has been an amazing journey"

Nyasa H.

"I do a lot of squeezing and he loves that! It's because of these sessions, he's become more aware of his body"

About Me


Nancy Gayle Judson GCFP, MS

Hi , I'm Nancy. I am passionate about helping parents and  caregivers support their babies development. I've been a movement teacher for 40 years teaching across the age span from elementary age children to seniors in their 90s. I've practiced as a Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2009 and now I am focusing on helping families with infants and toddlers as a Chava Shelhav Child'Space Method Practitioner since 2022.


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